Elvis Costello and The Brodsky Quartet Taking My Life in Your Hands Lyrics

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My dear impulsive darling I suspect my letter got to you too late
And it`s really just a silly fragment of paper
But it means so much to those who wait
All the suffering days and nights `til I dare dream again
There you suddenly stand and I`ll be damned if you
Didn't disappear with the dawn

Hours pass and darkness comes
Soon I will close my eyes
Will you return if you don`t reply
You`ll be taking my life in your hands
You`ll be taking my life in your hands
Taking my life in your hands

I don`t know why my dearest darling
I can`t tell you how I feel when you are near
When I see you have returned my letters unopened
I will tear them up, your voice ringing in my ears
But you`re kidding yourself if you think this
Correspondence will end
I can always pretend words I don`t have the courage to
Reach you


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