The Samples Take My Heart Lyrics

The Tan Mule Track Listing
  • 1 Take My Heart
  • 2 Black & White
  • 3 Another Bargain
  • 4 The Ballad of Joey Frost
  • 5 Across the Sea
  • 6 Lizard Skin
  • 7 The F.O.H. Mobile Blues
  • 8 Had I Known (The Days & Minutes Turn to Years)
  • 9 The Tree Outside
  • 10 Walking Home
  • 11 Buck Day
  • 12 Inside Out
  • 13 The Tan Mule (Zippy)
  • 14 Black & White '89
  • 15 Overthrow '89

  • Take my heart
    And keep it in a box
    Keep it only for
    The days you need the most

    Tell me something
    That I've never heard before
    Close your pretty eyes
    And open up the door

    Dance with me
    Just for a while
    Please kiss me
    With that pretty little smile

    She had feathers on her dress
    And her mothers such a mess
    She could mend a broken heart
    We alond could never part

    Hope to see you on another windy day
    Running with the horses
    Bailing all the hay

    Tell me, tell me
    That I'm the one for you
    Hope to see you on another windy day.

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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