Trip Lee feat. Jimmy Needham Take Me There Lyrics

The Good Life Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 New Dreams
  • 2 Robot
  • 3 I'm Good
  • 4 War
  • 5 Fallin'
  • 6 iLove
  • 7 Know Me
  • 8 One Sixteen
  • 9 Heart Problem
  • 10 Take Me There
  • 11 Beautiful Life
  • 12 Fantasy
  • 13 Love On Display
  • 14 For My Good
  • 15 Good Thing
  • Yeah
    Hey I wonder if there is anybody else
    Who is about ready to go home

    I just wanna go where
    I'm only breathing your air
    Father hear my prayer
    Take me there
    Take me there
    (I wanna see you)
    I just wanna see you
    Brighter than I'm used to you
    Finally see it clear see it
    Take me there
    Take me there
    Take me there

    Tell me have you ever seen a
    Brother so weighted you can tell by his demeanor
    That he's really jaded tryna get out this arena
    He longs for something greater but they say he's just a dreamer
    But he has a treasure that he holds like gold
    'Cause he knows something that them boys don't know
    Nothing seems funny when his money's so low
    But when he thinks about the place man he really wants to go

    That he ain't all obsessed with the cash he can stack
    Because he's looking to the heavens where his master is at
    But he does have treasure and he's storing it up
    Seems foreign to us, it can't be stolen or rust

    So when the cares of this world start weighing on him hard
    And he's tired of the bills hes been paying on his car
    He can't wait to be embraced by the Lord face to face
    So he waits for his reward and he sings:


    Tell me have you ever seen her?
    She's sick with a disease and it's really tryna beat her
    Its taken all her strength
    She knows that it can't defeat her
    'Cause she gon' be with Jesus
    She's more than just a dreamer.

    Her peace and her joy man it really ain't gone
    It's all because she knows earth really ain't home
    And even when she's by herself she really ain't alone
    Her Savior's there with her while she's singing this song

    She knows sickness might get her
    And death might grab her
    But she ain't scared of death 'cause she's trusting in the master
    Was buried but he rose up a few days after
    So death might attack her but death cannot have her

    So she tells her family, "don't worry anymore"
    When she's gone from the body she'll be present with the Lord
    Her body will be raised, so much glory is in store
    He is her reward so she sings


    Hey I don't know about you but I can wait till the day
    When I'll be with my Lord and everything is OK
    And I'll be just like him so sin won't get in the way
    Basking in his glory that's where I want to stay

    I place where shadows give way to the real
    And circumstances can't change the way that I feel
    Joy in my Savior that Satan can't steal
    Because he's been defeated- yeah you know the deal

    The Real Good Life
    I can't wait please take me soon
    Until them I'll be praising in the waiting room
    Fighting by his grace
    Can't wait to embrace the groom
    Until then I'm like:


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