Mogwai Take Me Somewhere Nice Lyrics

Rock Action Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sine Wave
  • 2 Take Me Somewhere Nice
  • 3 O I Sleep
  • 4 Dial: Revenge
  • 5 You Don't Know Jesus
  • 6 Robot Chant
  • 7 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
  • 8 Secret Pint
  • 9 Untitled
  • 10 Close Encounters
  • Ghosts in the photograph
    never lie'd to me.

    I'd be all of that
    I'd be all of that.

    A false memory
    would be everything.
    A denial my eliminent.

    What was that for?
    What was that for?

    What would you do
    if you saw spaceships
    over Glasgow?
    Would you fear them?

    Every aircraft,
    every camera,
    is a wish that
    wasn't granted.

    What was that for?
    What was that for?

    Try to be bad.
    Try to be bad.

    Written by: Aitchison, Braithwaite, Bulloch, Cummings, Ou0027hare

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