The Icarus Account Take It Or Leave It Lyrics

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I can take it or leave it she said
Let's just make or break this thing right here and right now
Cause you've already broken my heart
And I've already made up my mind
Love is a treasure that we both have yet to find

Oh my love somehow we've given up we've given up already
Oh this love we found has disappeared it's disappeared already
How can we get back to where the love we had was all we'd ever need
You're all I need
So please don't leave

There's a place we used to stay
At the beach in the early days
We would laugh and talk of growing old
As the waves trickled up to our toes
But you're already tired of talk
And I already forgot how to laugh
Love is an ocean and we're both on separate coasts

I can take it or leave it she said
Her bags were packed and by the door
And tears were falling on the floor
Please would you unpack your things
I said as I fell to my knees
Love is an arrow and its piercing you and piercing me and piercing us all

This is me this is me with my heart on my sleeve
Saying please darling please darling please just don't leave
You know yes you know that I need this
So let's carefully pick up the pieces

I can take it or leave it right here and right now

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