Underground Kingz Take It Off Lyrics

Dirty Money Track Listing
  • 1 Let Me See It
  • 2 Choppin' Blades
  • 3 Look at Me
  • 4 Ain't That a Bitch
  • 5 Gold Grill
  • 6 PA Nigga
  • 7 Holdin' Na
  • 8 Don't Say Shit
  • 9 Dirty Money
  • 10 Like a Pimp
  • 11 Pimpin' Ain't No Illusion
  • 12 Take It Off
  • 13 Wood Wheel
  • 14 Money, Hoes & Power
  • Take it off..
    Baby take it alll.. off..

    [Pimp C]
    Uhh, take it off chick, bend over, let me see it
    If you lookin for a trill-type figure, let me be it
    Got the V-12 Benz, parked outside
    It ain't enough room to fit dem guls in my ride
    It's onna, work somethin, twerk somethin basis
    Makin big change, dancin in them tricks faces
    She sleep in the day, but bump some booty at night
    You kiss that thang and I'm out, cause she been playin with my pipe
    Now get your mind right, hater, you a simp (a simp)
    And I'm a red hot undercover pimmmmmp (pimmmmp)
    that make them guls get down on the flo', on the flo'
    Like a real live money makin pro, uhh

    [Chorus: Pimp C]
    You gotta take it off, take it off, UNH
    And let a first class nigga break you off, chick
    You gotta take it off, take it off, UNH
    And let a first class nigga break you off some, chick

    [Bun B]
    It was a Secret that Victoria tried to hide
    A little sly delight, I done pushed my pride aside
    just to slide inside, man I done died tonight
    Now what I'm 'sposed to do? Been got close to you
    Lookin like a poster to, don't wanna boast but you Missus
    do a Dr. Feelgood, lay a playa real good
    Limpin came back, and it was still good, she will
    put a few tips in her mouth, that's that definition
    of them true chicks in the South, let me do my thang
    on the cool quick to the crotch, get the beds but guess what?
    We kickin them hot, shakin it soft, shoulda been here
    She did eight and the law, but you was late and you lost
    Man she was takin it off


    [Pimp C]
    I'm sitting, touchin' with my diamonds on, and man I
    miss that boy Pac, sippin' liquor tryin' to grip the chrome
    I keep a chip off in my cell phone, they used to call me Pimp C
    but now the chicks they call me James Jones
    And if I skip I'm back to D-slangin, keep them boys nod-headed
    Keep the boppers with they butts swangin
    I used to be the young playa holdin
    Now I leave them guls with they jellyroll swollen, I'm rollin


    [Bun B]
    Comin direct from the Gentlemen's, full of that flint again
    Live on stage fellas, this is Cinnamon
    Fine, Black and feminine, I'm fin to win, look at the sin I'm in
    Full of hallucinogens, me her and her friends
    Now the venom in my snake, wanna poison
    Come in with a brother and the boys and
    make sure you don't forget to bring the toys and
    we stuck it check it, we gots to keep em gettin bucked naked
    Makin it soft, we keep these boppers takin it off

    [Chorus x2]

    [Pimp C]
    Hold up

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