Styles P Take It Back Lyrics

"Beast music, D-Block"

I used to keep money in the shoebox
Knocking if I die tonight from 2Pac
Or into the stage from buckshot
Dream of the europeans, standing at the bus stop
Headed to a fuck ass stop job
Never seen a fuckboy i would not rob
Thats why I thank God for the contracts
Running wit niggas that'll push the wig wit your mind back
Reckless, less rec, less death, nigga just come up off that necklace
Matter of fact you can keep that
Get the safe ready know where you sleep at
Hit ya man up did you peep that?
You don't want me asking where the beef at?
Get it in like a key and a keyhole
Leave a nigga dead just for kilo

Take it back, tu tu tu tu, take it back
Yeah yeah yeaahh
Take it back, tu tu tu tu, take it back
Take it back, tu tu tu tu, take it back
Yeah yeah yeaahh
I don't call this a reason, I just call it believing in myself
Take it back

I used to move the C and the D rock
Knocking everyday struggle from B.I
Knocking Raekwon and Ghostface purple tape
On the graveyard means I'm working late
B25 IRS with the snitches
125th pictures wit the fly bitches
That was the days of the Willie burger
Now I'm getting any nigga in the city murdered
European vehicle city swerving
914s will call 911
If I said I'm gon get you cause the time gon come
It ain't Nore or Vado but the slime gon come
Oozing out your eyes and ya ears
And I gotta brag I've been getting money for years
So do you I'ma do me but you can fuck around I'll break ya neck like Bruce Lee


Fuck what I used to do, tell you what I'm doing now
All I do is make money and move around
If I'm around you know the shooter around
45 filled wit hollows to put you thru the ground
You making it rain you throwing loot around
Your mom got a dress hope ya pap got a suit around
Get a candle to circle the whole crew around
Find a nice little spot to boohoo around
90 P, yeah I just do it now
The gun is greased to shoot so fluid now
Motherfucker this is beast music
All these rappers is food, I feast to it


From my life, I can see it
Starting out it's gonna have more meaning girl
Tu tu tu tu, Take it back...


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