Heartland Tackle The Monster Lyrics

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This is my coming of age. My head hung low, raised, I walk away. I've waited up all night. I've waited up my whole life. I wandered awake for days, pondering my life and it's ways. By my angel's side, sweet sleep wraps her arms 'round me. American dreaming haunts nightly, but these nightmares are truly my dreams and blessings! To tell the truth, I only see a future, when I'm driving towards you. But time, continues to deride my good name.
Silk of your face brushes 'gainst my wrist, as my fingers twist your hair like ribbons 'tween their tips. Our laughter subsides, there's a look in your eyes, they'll tell me no lies, they're not the, eyes of a liar. But what if they lie to you? I'll take each day for what it is, bring what it may, and what I can, I'll give to you. My future a question, devouring every day!
The future, a question devouring every day, and time continues to deride my good name.

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