Neck Deep Tables Turned Lyrics

A History of Bad Decisions Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Up in Smoke
  • 2 Tables Turned
  • 3 Head to the Ground
  • I felt the weather getting better, but I couldn't feel my feet
    I always felt so cold in your company
    I guess that maybe we should settle this
    Blame it all on me
    I don't care anymore, won't you please just let me be?

    Bend the rules until they break
    You always knew just how to make me fall to me knees
    I felt so sick, ill at ease
    But I'm getting better

    And I hope that this time you finally see
    That you can't get away with everything
    I moved on and the world opened for to me
    The thought of you use to make me cave in
    Gave you a chance but you threw it all away
    The tables turned and there's nothing left to say
    Done being a wall you lean against
    Just needed some time so I could

    Open up my window
    Let the air clear out my head
    Think how fast the years go and all the things I left unsaid
    Another old regret that I'll hide beneath my bed
    I guess some distance was the best cure for this
    But rest assured it's not you I miss anymore

    And I don't care where you lay your head at night

    Because with you it's all swings and roundabouts
    Gave you a chance but you still wouldn't hear me out
    And I hope that it kills you I'm happy now
    I hope you hate the taste of your own medicine
    Those skeletons buried in my head
    And all the thoughts I have of you, make me wish we never met

    And I don't care where you lay your head at night
    I know I won't miss the smell of you in my room
    You presumed that I'd feel the same

    Drive home and think about the things I said
    You never learn from this you just expect

    You are my hesitant smile
    You are my crippling doubt
    You're everything that I hide about myself
    You are every lesson I've learned with every leaf that I've turned
    The very reason why I won't let this happen again

    I found the side of myself I thought I left behind
    And I'll do the same with you this time

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