Graham Parker That's What They All Say Lyrics

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Thanks to "John D.Hayman" <> (Jukebox John)
Thanks to Kirk Anderson <> for some refinements.

Em* 322003 (Gmaj6)

C slide up to D (repeat) D C
G (1st position) G (add an E on the D string) G C D (*RIFF)
G (1st position) G (add an E on the D string) G C D

G Em* C G
You think you've got a head for heights Be careful, babe, you might fall
You think you know all your rights But you're at someone's beck and call
G Em* C G
You think you've got life on a plate But it's harder to eat than to play
C D G C Am G (*RIFF)
You're in the race You've got a place But that's what they all say

You wanna stand in the working man's shoes
And have someone step on your head
You wanna bruise your skin on my teeth
But you just bite me instead
You wanna come down and check out my level
But something stands in your way

(CHORUS) then (*RIFF)

Bm C Bm C
Standing in the rain You pass by, don't even remember my name
Am D
But baby, baby, this ain't no place for fame
Am D
And it ain't the street, it's the gutter you've got to blame

Well, you think you are a real rough diamond
'Cause you can stand to the test
You think if you got a car to climb in You will shine out the best
You think your jewels aren't made out of paste
Believe me they're looking that way

(INSTRUMENTAL-a verse and a chorus) then

You think if you got a hall of mirrors You will see every way
You think if you buy a piece of tomorrow Someone else has to pay
You think if you can pin someone down They won't get in your way

(REPEAT CHORUS (twice) then
That's what they all say, baby That's what they all say

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