Zug Izland Synplicity Lyrics

Cracked Tiles Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Fire
  • 3 Sunny Day
  • 4 Prison Song
  • 5 Fly
  • 6 Suicide
  • 7 Dreams
  • 8 The River
  • 9 Small Town
  • 10 Always
  • 11 Hiroshima
  • 12 Cry
  • 13 SLAM!
  • 14 Synplicity
  • Yes my mind is splittin 'cause I hang with a sinner
    Hand in hand with the hatchet but its nothin' familiar
    Non believers keep walkin' till we finally arrive
    Black smoke around the family with the red in our eyes
    Cold chills from the death holdin' on to the past
    Hold your self on to the table 'cause your life's movin' fast
    Devastated by the haven that you need to escape
    Right hand on the book flip the page choose your fate

    Raise the dead on a red moon night
    Will they cry well I think they just might
    Torturing watch a frozen tear
    This ain't hell but id rather be there
    Spider web makes it hard to move
    Death awaits yet I have nothing to prove
    Twisted soul in my mental game
    Murder comes it goes with no kind of blame

    If I would tread as the dark becomes light
    Trapped motionless 'cause the chords on to tight
    What will ever become of this book that I hold
    Look at the fire burn it is such simplicity

    Rain drops fall the dark night sky
    Bodies crawl from garbage cans and alleyways alive
    You can find me there in the shadows without a doubt
    Time for my people and me to come about
    Children of the river in the midst of the strip
    Down trodden and forgotten but its still all good
    Now what you throw away is ours to keep
    You know the children need a pillow when they go to ****in sleep

    Your disease quite infectious
    Want to know your the object of my lust
    As he lay come on and stick out your tongue
    Reaching out to each and every single one
    Riled up **** come follow me
    Pyramids the lobotomy is necessary
    Crystal ball its just simplicity
    Kings and queens to show us where we should be


    I remember when I was down the block
    My leg got popped and I got dubbed in the knee spot
    Everybody out to get me everywhere I go
    Is it a sin to get your **** sucked by a ho
    What about the fact that I don't fake to tote guns
    Stay outta my way and don't make me have to use one
    can't help the feeling in my head
    Overload pull the trigger and unload


    Written by: Joseph Bruce, Michael Puwal
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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