Jag Panzer Symphony of Terror Lyrics

Ample Destruction Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Licenced to Kill
  • 2 Warfare
  • 3 Symphony of Terror
  • 4 Harder than Steel
  • 5 Generally Hostile
  • 6 The Watching
  • 7 Reign of the Tyrants
  • 8 Cardiac Arrest
  • 9 The Crucifix

  • With the curse of death he stands
    In the darkness cold and black
    Looking over the lands preparing his attack
    Hunger nagging at his belt
    Spreading his wings far and wide
    To sail across the countryside
    The impaler is known to everyone around
    He'll sneak into your room at night
    And feast without a sound

    He's a mysterious figure in black
    Roaming the city bringing death
    Pestilence from rats invaders by the score
    Plaguing the people with disease
    Running scared nowhere to go and nowhere to hide
    Running through the woods and over the countryside
    Must escape this nightmare, put an end to this dream
    Let us come together, put an end to all his schemes.

    Nosferatu is his name and he's spreading his curse
    'Cross the land, feel his eyes take your soul
    Heed my words, run if you can <i>[Repeat]</i>

    Taste of blood upon his teeth the beast is ready for to fly
    Soaring to his victory, she is virgin fare, I can taste her in my mouth
    Now he's in her parlor bending for a feast
    Looking up in wonder she seduced the evil beast
    "Oh, stay all night with me and you can have your way"
    Morning brings the sunlight and his ashes blow away

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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