Damnation Sworn to the Darkside Lyrics

Resurrection of Azarath Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Who Your God
  • 2 Son of Fire
  • 3 Rebel Souls
  • 4 Azarath (Watching In Darkness)
  • 5 From the Abyssland
  • 6 Deliverance
  • 7 Might Returns
  • 8 Coronation
  • 9 Spell Master
  • 10 Sworn to the Darkside
  • 11 Nucleus of Darkness
  • 12 Night of Blasphemy
  • 13 Beyond the Gate
  • 14 A Mansion In Darkness
  • 15 Bleed for the Devil

  • The sound of bell disturb my peace
    Eternal emperor of infinity
    Nature died in fear
    This sign reminds me of a far-away nightmare

    Master of souls invites for a feast
    The time of huntings and subcelestial extermination has come

    Lightning disused grey of dawn
    Dusted rooms revived with the movements of shadows
    Humidity and smell of old age filled the air
    The memory in dead objects revived
    Life in dried bodies has awoken
    I reach my hands towards the skies
    Winged demons drink my blood

    lead: LES
    lead: BART

    I'm his part, I know what he wants

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