Nicki Minaj Sweetest Girl Lyrics

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But when a good girl gone she gone 4eva
See u cant make tha rain without the stormy weather
And its when it rains when it rains it pours
Would've neva happen if I would've stayed indoors
Would've neva happened if I neva traded in my textbooks
'Cuz now I'm all the critics say I'm just looks
They say I'm too sexy they say I'm sellin' out
'Cuz when I come out niggas get they umbrella out
I take the "L" 'cuz I don't want to see my brotha lose
Been through it all but I could neva fill my mothers shoes
And naw I don't want no handouts
I just want my adlibs to get panned out
And I just want to tell the girls that can feel me that I just play the cards that a nigga deal me
See everything that I been through could've killed
Thats why I really ain't nothin u could tell me
Ya see I live for the Bill
I die for the Bill
And I still make sure that I read the Bi to the Bill
And every time I write I'm percising my skill
Its more than life than just ice on ya grill
You wanna FUCK ME!
You said you wanna draped me
Turned around and raped me
Naw u ain't mistake me
(chorus x2)
Where my girls at?
Where my girls at?
If they frontin then tell them where my money at
Where my money at, where my money at, where my- where my money
wh-,wh-,wh-,wh-, wh- where my money at?