Hades Sweet Revenge Lyrics

Resisting Success Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 The Leaders?
  • 2 On to Iliad
  • 3 Legal Tender
  • 4 Sweet Revenge
  • 5 Nightstalker
  • 6 Resist $uccess
  • 7 Widow's Mite (Chapter Eleven)
  • 8 The Cross
  • 9 Masque of the Red Death: I. Red Death / II. The Prince's Masterplan / III. The Masquerade: The Twelfth Hour / Return of the Red Death
  • See his memory fade
    Wife and daughter raped and killed one night
    Life's rewards erased
    Only one thing to look forward to
    He wants his sweet revenge
    Stalking lifeless streets
    Target waiting for him underneath the light
    Hands that shake with rage
    Clutching ornamented bronze and steel
    Nerves that twitch with fear
    Like a soldier waiting for attack
    His sweet revenge approaches
    Springing into flight
    Victims' scream are nothing that his heart can feel
    His essence is freed
    As the blade cuts from behind
    Slicing the temple where the tender flesh
    Joins one's only mind
    Fighting with a desperate last breath
    His life endures punishment a second time
    His vision is blurred

    As the life drops from his eyes
    Shining the weapon as his entrails fall
    Splattering upon the floor
    Ripping up the pieces of nerves that keep his limbs from dying
    Twitching as if still alive

    Letting the body ease from his arms
    Slowly slumping to the floor
    Smearing all the blood along his fingertips
    And watching where the deadman and his body lie
    Stands atop his kill
    Gloating on his recent victory
    Like a lion's pride
    Guarding over it triumphantly
    The streets are filled with laughter
    Sweet revenge is what he's after
    Now he walks alone, into darkness that will only ease the pain

    Written by: Pat Green, Ray Wylie Hubbard

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