Nas Suspect Lyrics

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It was a murder
Jake just hit the corner people swarming
Three in the morning I jumped out my cab like "F***,
n****z is buck," mega bloodshed, the tapes red

I heard some bird whisper, "Yo he should have ducked"
I puffed the lilla, just before I hit the scene for rilla
I'm all high it's late I'm looking down at the fella
S***'s pushed in, ambulance placed him on some cushion

His mom's had a stare I wouldn't dare second look when I murk
It hurt, kind of took it as a brief reminder
that the street's designed to stop your life, plot
The beast in time yeah, cell to cell suspect a** n**** you fell

First time locked in crime stop my mind blocks the frail
Bursting blasting at your forty cal shell, split your dry cell
My n****s never snitch why tell
We roll with no regrets, destiny's, fifty's and equities
Queens'll be the death of me

[Chorus: x 2]
To the suspect witness don't come outside
You might get your s*** pushed back tonight
(Suspect witness don't come outside
You might get your s*** pushed back tonight)

Dear God, I want the riches, money hungry b****es infested
Giving the jealous n****s sickness, the witness
My crew dresses, in vest-es, feel the essence
Try to test this, scientist, able and reckless

Slaughter, Nautica'd down, frames look petite
Ten millis, mix designed just for my physique
I keep a low pro as if I owe, bless the flow lovely
My pants hang low while I'm dancing, sipping the bubbly

Hey, me no worry, hashish keep my eyes Chinese
Rollin two Phillies together make blunts Siamese
I meant it, I represent it, descendant made of
early natives that were captured and taught to think backwards

Trapped us in a cracker psychiatric, it's ma**ive
A Million Man March, alert the ma**es
Ten glocks, Armani in small print, upon my gla**es
Don a**a**ins, armageddon, the wettin'

Never freakin the beast, seven heads, got the righteous threatened
Life Was Written, the plot curves behind the settin'
Comprehend the grammar, Manfrione -- are you the type of n****
to shoot a leg to get your name known? I flip the brain tome

N****z get hit and wrap the plastic
The mic I strike in vain givin the pain of what a Mack is
What you with? Luchi or drama, no sleep means insomnia
No need to check the clock, the streets are timin you


It justifies, Nas Escobar's leavin s*** mesmerized
Mega live, like the third world
Decipher my deceiver make him a believer
Spitting jim stars, words in my mic ttype receiver

Bond is my life so I live by my word
Never fraudulent Queensbridge don't make no herbs
Spread my name to deacons, politicians while they speakin
Rebel to America civilization caught you sleepin

Written by: Leshan Lewis, Chuck Mangione, Nasir Jones
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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