The Statler Brothers Susan When She Tried Lyrics

Sons of the Motherland Track Listing
  • 1 So Mary Could Make It Home
  • 2 A Letter From Shirley Miller
  • 3 All-American Girl
  • 4 Eight More Miles to Louisville
  • 5 One More Summer in Virginia
  • 6 You've Been Like a Mother to Me
  • 7 A Few Old Memories
  • 8 I'll Be Here
  • 9 Susan When She Tried
  • 10 Together
  • 11 You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
  • I got over Charlotte Thompson, Goldie Johnson,
    Lord they done me wrong
    I took it hard with Peggy Harper
    She hurt me bad, but not for long
    There's just one I remember
    Makes me feel funny down inside
    I'd trade 'em all for just one hour
    Of Susan when she tried

    No there's never been a woman
    Who could make me weak inside
    And give me what I needed
    Like Susan when she tried

    It gets worse in the summer
    When the nights are hot and long
    And it's bad in December
    When they play those Christmas songs
    So if you ask me and I don't tell you
    Bet your sweet bottom dollar I lied
    Cause there's never been one better
    Than Susan when she tried

    Written by: Don S. Reid
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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