Too $hort Survivin’ the Game Lyrics

Gettin’ It (album number ten) Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Gettin’ It
  • 2 Survivin’ the Game
  • 3 That’s Why
  • 4 Bad Ways
  • 5 Fuck My Car
  • 6 Take My Bitch
  • 7 Buy You Some
  • 8 Pimp Me
  • 9 Baby D
  • 10 Nasty Rhymes
  • 11 Never Talk Down
  • 12 I Must Confess
  • 13 So Watcha Sayin’
  • 14 I’ve Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)
  • Yeah Short Dawg in the house
    Survivin the game man, it ain't easy when
    you out here for uh ten years hanging with the cut-throats
    back stabbers, playa haters y'know what I'm sayin?
    but I'm a b**** killa always was, and always will be
    If you ain't in the right state of mind don't play with me
    Cause they ain't never ended slavery
    You f***** with my freedom, let's keep it real fool
    Don't underestimate n***** who'll kill you
    Cause everything changed, and everybody got a strap
    Don't wanna be attacked keep it on your lap
    I'm s*****ng in my drop, smiling like Priest
    Superfly top down speeding through the streets
    killas on the prowl,and jacking is how
    They get paid pull out a gat and break your a** down
    n**** show no fear, but you scared as hell
    And your partner riding with you is prepared to tell
    but you don't know it yet, you havin hella fun
    and when the s*** hit the fan and you on the run
    you better pray if they catch your homeboy first
    Cause if they put him under pressure, he bound to burst
    into a long conversation bout everything you did
    No more tusslin, time to do a bid
    in the brand new jail that they built for you
    where the smallest little thing you get killed over

    (survivin the game)

    Ain't to bailin out, you mad as hell
    Instead of send you to school, they keep you in jail
    that cost way more, when you do time
    When you creep through the hood and kill your own kind
    they building county jails, and penitentiaries
    They gettin ready for the m************ 21st century
    computers taking over, money's obsolete
    Now they buying all the houses in the ghetto streets
    they way we live now, we can't last long
    Cause everyday n***** gettin they blast on
    funerals and court dates, plea bargain for your life
    you'll be out in twelve years, once a month see your wife
    Now how that sound?
    You killed the black man, now they got you locked down
    they let you learn a trade, working years for pennies
    And that s*** you building, was making white man plenty
    got the game f***** up, and you'll never be rich
    It's all about respect and they treat you like a b****
    (survivin the game)

    I was born with the skills of a black man
    to survive in the streets and keep stackin
    I'm thirty years old, and far from done
    I don't care what you think, I ain't forgot where I'm from
    east Oakland / and that's where I learned
    everything I know, and when I got my turn
    I never came fake on a microphone
    I always let em know that the town is home
    I wasn't born in Oakland, I was born a mack
    Stay true to the game, always stating the facts
    b**** you can't stop my mack attack
    I know you love this s***, when I rap like that
    you never would get me to change my style
    I spent 20 million dollars on a brand new house
    I got bills to pay, no time to be fake
    Eating top rump don't f*** with steak
    don't be jealous of me, cause it's well known
    I could slip in a minute after hella songs
    make one fake album and I'm through
    I be a broke a** n**** like you
    so I just try to stay focused and do my job
    Turn that s*** up loud and watch a b**** head bob
    Cause I'm the Too S-H-O-R-T
    I take a square a** b**** and turn her into a freak
    (survivin the game)

    Now growing old in the streets aint no easy task
    Losing homeboys every time the season pass
    Gettin phone calls, another soldier dead
    Sittin in the car got four in the head
    Rush to his mama house the s*** is real
    Trying to find out why a n**** got killed
    I'm about to hurt somebody, give a f*** who
    Cause you already know what you need to do
    kill another black man that's what you figure
    Just what we need, another dead n****
    got your guns you don't want none
    You stupid m*********** where they come from
    from the white man, get em like fast food
    With an attitude to make a n**** blast you
    You little violent m*********** don't play with me
    Cause they ain't never ended slavery f***** with my freedom

    (survivin the game)

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