Razor Survival of the Fittest Lyrics

Custom Killing Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Survival of the Fittest
  • 2 Shootout
  • 3 Forced Annihilation
  • 4 Last Rites
  • 5 Snake Eyes
  • 6 White Noise
  • 7 Going Under
  • 8 Russian Ballet
  • Acting without asking, won't meet our demands
    Stuck walking the straight line, opinions overthrown
    Deep inside we feel it, chills us to the bone
    Society's own children, bodies whitout voice
    Decisions made without us, as if we had a choice
    Controlled intervention, who are we to trust?
    We must get back the power, our freedom gained a must
    Survival is our interest, no question of remand
    Survival of the fittest, our lives are in their hands
    We beg and we plea for some understanding
    A sense of awareness is all we're demanding
    Twisting the truth to protect their own
    The blunt of raw deals is all we've been shown
    The echoes of crying, the innocent dying
    An evil force reigns so supreme
    With sheer devastation, corrupt motivations
    They've shattered our unendless dreams
    Our brains have been scattered, our blood has been splattered
    And no one is telling us why
    These things are forbidden, they're keeping it hidden
    And sending our youth off to die
    We've tried to find out, hear our screams and our shouts
    We're building in force by the hour
    We will rise above, forsake glory and love
    Their half-hearted lives we'll devour
    Blinded by power, they are obsessed
    With public supremacy they are possessed
    Dictatorship flourishes beyond our control
    Poverty stricken, now death takes it's toll
    Lost inside ourselves, our inner feelings can't be shown
    Cast aside as if nothing matters but their own
    Force of one rules over, paralyzing life set still
    Brainwashed minds diminish captors for their thrill
    Who will win the final battle of death or suicide
    Thoughts of human independence, warriors of youth will ride
    Seeking out a common mainstream, driven by restricted lives
    We must all be strong together, our only chance to survive (yeah!)
    The power of the free world, is all that we protect
    Enemies among us, who will we suspect?
    One thing is for certain, things can't stay the same
    We will fight to set things right and beat them at their game

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