The Dangerous Summer Surfaced Lyrics

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I set my words on the ground and I was grinding my teeth
I planted pieces of light to see if planets could speak
It took my mind by surprise
When I was finally free, through all my darkest days
I felt my heartbeat
Again, and dropped to my knees
There was a sun in my eyes that made
A star out of me.
It's like my life was a list and my head was first
To get crossed off.
It's the pleasure that I keep to sit down with my
Friends and talk about my day.
Can you hear me? well I don't even care.
I'll stop my screaming if you look the other way.
It's been a bad year
So let me sleep in one more day.
I really found the simple things live
Closest to your home.
I'm not alone because I live inside a world that
Is my own. I haven't found what
I've been looking for yet, but you can count on me to stay forever
And that's the truth, we'll stay just fine

I'm coming back and just on time to be myself again
The way that made me real
So tell me, have you surfaced yet?
This is how it felt
When I was growing up and being part of no one but you found yourself
And that says a lot to me these days
I'm sorry for the way I used to
Be, I was just a kid. yeah, let me sleep this off
Try not to be hard on yourself was all I ever heard from her
I finally think I understand
What she was saying to me
Because nothing's worth the pain in your back
Believe in that. the world can take control but don't ever lose
Your heart, because I know you better than that

Written by: A.j. Perdomo, Bryan Alan Czap, Cody Michael Payne, Tyler David Minsberg
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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