Venerea Supersurfin' Fun Lyrics

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and it's time to catch the sun
let's go down to the beach
for some supersurfin' fun
Semi-saltstained hooters
as far as I can see
See-row after see-row
just waiting there for me
It's hot as hell
and it ain't a bad place to be

It's just supersurfin'fun
plenty of good times for everyone
supersurfin' fun

The sand is warm and grand
and the ocean's bright and blue
we're boppin' to the hard-ons
what am I supposed to do ?

Our friends are out surfin'
on waves that make 'em soar
while I'm in Annie's drawers
as we're stuck here on the shore
and I sincerely hope
they'll never surf-bored

'cause I'm having supersurfin' fun
I wish this summer wouldn't end

But it's no use to pretend
soon the autumn's close at hand
but as long as we can
we'll have our supersurfin' fun

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