Lords of Acid Superstar Lyrics

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I'm gonna be a superstar
I'm gonna drive a supercar
I'm gonna be famous and get rich
Gonna turn into a super*****
Gonna have tons of bodyguards
Gonna use gold creditcards
I'm gonna flirt with Sly Stallone
I'm gonna be hot like Sharon Stone

I'm gonna buy myself some ****
If it'll help me get big hits
I also want another nose
Brandnew cheecks, first class bones
I'm gonna be a VIP
I'm gonna be the star on MTV
On the cover of a magazine
Gonna be famous, gonna be seen

A diamond ring, Mercedes Benz, a swimming pool, aguarded fence
A private gym, a nose job, a supersexy bodyguard
A furry coat, a great big yacht, a golden watch, a filmaward
A millionnaire, a private jet, a fancy big waterbed

I wanna have my private shrink
And olives in my cocktaildrink
I'll smoke a spliff with Clinton Bill
The Whitehouse'll be my place to chill

Superstar, superstar
That's what you are, a superstar
Pragamatic Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Luv U Still
  • 2 Remove the Armour
  • 3 I Want You
  • 4 Insanity
  • 5 Look at Me Now
  • 6 My Mind Is My Enemy
  • 7 Injected With a Poison
  • 8 Independence
  • 9 City of a Thousand Sins
  • 10 No Sense at All
  • 11 Stoned on Your Love
  • 12 Wasting My Time
    CD 2
  • 1 Undress and Possess, Part 2
  • 2 Acid Queen
  • 3 Superstar
  • 4 She and Mrs Jones (uncensored version)

  • Written by: Cornelia Anita Van Lierop, Maurice Joseph Engelen, Olivier Adams
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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