Raven Supernatural Lyrics

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Supernatural (Ha ha ha)

Did you see a shooting star (what)
Cross the sky spectacular (yeah)
Out in front, by a mile
Radiating crazy style

The universe comes to me
I can make it look so (easy)
Like a rare phenomenon
You can see today but I see beyond
When I get this feeling
Something's about to happen
Without any reason
It's supernatural

Some people call me crazy
Some things there's no explaining
Just Believe what you see
It's supernatural

Uh oh uh uh oh
It's supernatural
Uh oh uh uh oh
It's supernatural
Got the floor, got the mic
Livin' in this double life
Welcome to another world,
Magic sister, supergirl

Don't hide I do what I do
But I can make it all come true
Got the skills got the touch
Got the sense I'm taking off
Maybe super human, maybe super strength(strange)
Like a force of nature, a hurricane
Why does it matter where I got it from
Got my power on and I'm goin', goin', gone...

Believe what you see
Ohh yeah
Oh oh yeah
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