Weerd Science Super Friends Lyrics

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Here come the super friends.

Mutha fuckas
Callin' all my superfriends and puttin' you on notice,
Don't think I didn't see, don't think I didn't notice,
Don't think I don't care, don't think I'll let you slide,
Don't think I'm not comin' for you in good time.
Why you askin' now if you can fuck my bitch?
You shoulda asked before she was suckin' your dick.
And now you wanna know what you can do for me?
Mutha fucker, fuck off, die immediately.
Super friends, are you stupid then?
I'll ask you again, are you stupid man?
Did you really think I wouldn't take offense
Flip the fuck out and shoot you dead?
It's the ones you trust that gonna let you down
It's the ones you love that's gonna turn you out
'cause they the only ones who really, really know how
And the super friends better look the fuck out
All my Super friends where you at?
Brian, Phil, Jay, Pat
None of you really ever had my back
To say the shit you that said and to act like that
Y'all is lucky I'm a man of peace,
'cause y'all wouldn't see me behind the fuckin' trees
Doin' time, gladly prove what I mean
I got a shotgun for all my frienemies.

Beware of your super friends
They're not your super friends
I'm scared of my super friends
Kill all your super friends

9 out of 10 of your homies are just the opposite
Disguised double agents, to me quite obvious
That's why I hate yas, y'all ain't super friends
You's a supa dupa stupid, must be how your daddy raised ya
I'm stagin' 'em with the dark, 'cause they're cavin' in from the thought
of ever makin' 'em understand that I hate 'em and at the cost
Of soundin' jaded, but jaded is what I am
And I'ma continue my hatred, of course I'm aimin' at them.
Now who would be the first person to shit on your name?
That's a super friend, 'causin' you some super pain.
But I got the super plan, pull out your super hand,
Make a superfist and swing the shit as hard as you can.
Now all of the sudden they don't say shit again
You fuckers make my tummy sick like aspirin.
You probably have no idea the trouble you in
Or that my mom and dad have a really big knife collection
And that means I can choose a weapon to dispose of yous
Have many different blades to poke holes in yous
Oh, all of yous, payback's a bitch
I heard what you said, you faggot piece of shit.
I hope you're listenin', the shit you're slippin' in,
You might wanna prepare your flesh for some healthy rippin' in

Beware of your super friends
They're not your super friends
I'm scared of my super friends (as you should be!)
Kill all your super friends

Josh: Ill, you're my Superfriend.
Ill: Yeah, I'm glad you didn't get upset the time that I porked your girlfriend, my bad.
Josh: Yeah, it's cool. Oh, yeah, did I tell you? I smoked your whole weed stash, the money I promised fell through.
Ill: Well that's okay, 'cause I just stopped by your mom's house, dug her pussy out and left my nut on her couch.
Josh: Ill, your sister's pregnant-
Ill: What?!
Josh: I didn't mean it, I'da told you before but I knew you'd get heated.
Ill: I shot your father. I'm sorry, but he walked in at the wrong time while I was gettin' mine.
Josh: Ill, that's fine.
Ill: Yeah, but there's more, damn your grandma looks good on all fours. And the bitch slapped my ass like she was Zsa Zsa Gabor, I bet back in the day she was quite the whore.
Josh: Ill, that's fucked up, man. What the fuck is wrong with you, dude?

Beware of your super friends.
At any given moment they might be lurking around any corner.
They'll wait for you when you least expect it,
just to stab you in the fucking back.
and remember
and remember
Keep your friends close
and keep your super friends closer. Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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