Last Dinosaurs Sunday Night Lyrics

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We managed to play all our cards all wrong
If we hadn't taken **** seriously
Then the present would be alright

My thoughts are decent but sometimes I lose control
Patterns and habits continue but I've got soul
Can you imagine a world where there is no depth
Absence of color and nothing to test our heads

All night I've been telling her to slow down
I've been warning her all night
She's been crying her eyes out

I've given too much of my heart away
Imagine how different tomorrow would be
If we knew where to draw the line

You left me hanging when you knew I couldn't dance
I broke your promise and you flooded any chance
I don't intend to rewrite what belongs to you
Oh I was born just so you would learn how to choose

All night I've been telling her to slow down
I've been warning her
She's been crying her eyes out

No you don't know me anymore
We were in the right place at the wrong time
If only you could read my mind
Read my mind, read my mind, read my mind

Everybody here who cares won't dare to try me
No one I know up there will stand beside me.
In a Million Years Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Zoom
  • 2 I Can't Help You
  • 3 Sunday Night
  • 4 Time & Place
  • 5 Andy
  • 6 Satellites
  • 7 Weekend
  • 8 I Can't Decide
  • 9 Used to Be Mine
  • 10 Honolulu
  • 11 Repair

  • Written by: Dan koyama, lachlan caskey, sam gethin-Jones, sean caskey
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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