Yellow Second Sun Regrets Shining Lyrics

Still Small Track Listing
  • 1 Lesser Ones
  • 2 Swingset
  • 3 North
  • 4 Sun Regrets Shining
  • 5 Crowded Airwaves
  • 6 Resolute
  • 7 Merge
  • 8 Only Knows God
  • 9 Girl in Rearview
  • 10 Undecided
  • 11 Blurred
  • 12 Wishful Thinking
  • so different when
    across the lake
    blue green eyed hour
    caught us in the wake
    i hope she feels the
    way that i do
    i rippled when
    to me she spoke
    and rode the wave
    even as it broke
    i'm riding still
    i hope forever
    the sun will regret shining
    i won't forget
    but will you?
    do you believe in us still
    can we see this thing through?
    arrest my fears
    and be content
    itÿs taken years
    but itÿs time well spent
    and it means more than you imagine
    long way to go
    before we're done
    and you should know
    more than anyone
    that i am always thinking of you
    and there's time for answers
    right or wrong
    thanks for standing by me
    for so long
    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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