will.i.am feat. Niu , Dante Santiago & Taboo Sumthin' Special Lyrics

Must B 21 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Take It
  • 2 Nah Mean
  • 3 B Boyz
  • 4 Here 2 Party
  • 5 Bomb Bomb (interlude)
  • 6 Bomb Bomb
  • 7 Swing by My Way
  • 8 It's Okay
  • 9 Mash Out (interlude)
  • 10 Mash Out
  • 11 Ride Ride
  • 12 Sumthin' Special
  • 13 Sumthin' Special (interlude)
  • 14 I'm Ready (Y'all Ain't Ready for This)
  • 15 We Got Chu
  • 16 Go! (interlude)
  • 17 Go!
  • [Intro: will.i.am] (Dante)
    You're sumthin' special baby (you're sumthin' special)
    You're my special lady (you're very special)
    You're so incredible baby (you're so incredible)
    You're sumthin' special

    [Dante Santiago]
    Your eyes, your vibe, they hypnotize me
    From the second I saw you girl, I couldn't deny it
    How you talk, your walk, your style is gracious
    Havin dreams of takin you off to some tropical places
    Exotic, erotic, just filled with passion
    In bed is the only time that we would be clashin
    You're honest, loyal, a heaven-sent blessing
    Not tryna run you drag, I just had to confess it
    Your scent, your lips, I love when you smile
    I want to be chillin witchu for more than a while
    For days, months, years, and lifetime
    You're so incredible, it's so special you're mine
    Your mind, body, and soul is addictive
    I can't complain cause you're the type I'd LOVE to have kids with
    How you move and dance, when you're feelin the groove
    And when we dim the lights you do that thing that you do

    [Pre-Chorus: Niu]
    You're the type of girl that I just wanna be down
    And baby girl I'm lettin you know I'm feelin' yo' style
    And if you feel the same way, then tell me now
    And girl don't waste no time so we can do it, do it

    [Chorus: will.i.am]
    You're sumthin' special baby
    You're my special lady
    You're so incredible baby
    You're sumthin' special
    You're sumthin' special baby
    You're my special lady
    You're so incredible baby
    You're sumthin' special

    [Dante Santiago]
    You're one in a million, you and I should be building
    Our sand castles of love to the stars above
    And fill it up with our children, spend eternity chillin
    On deserted island, slow tunes and violins
    I wanna show you just how anxious I've been
    To tell the whole world, to HELL with my friends
    It's me and you girl, until the whole world ends
    I'ma stand by you as you stand by your man
    Cause when we together, I'm feelin nothin' but pleasure
    Most of these couples now don't have what we treasure
    You're my earth, my moon, the wind, and the sky
    The apple of my eye, you're my natural high
    Your hair, your hips, your creamy-ass thighs
    I pray to God that you don't end up passin me by
    Are you down, with me even through the hard times?
    Let's make this happen girl, you're a one of a kind

    [Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

    Looka here, baby girl, you are my world
    When I see you walk by, my head'll surely swirl
    Over to the right side, who made that eye connection?
    Satisfying thought when nastiness upon my section
    Checkin out my eyes just to see if I'm a (real man)
    No need for you to worry, I'ma give you sexual (healing)
    You need some understanding, I need some understanding
    Together as a team if we are locos puffin {?}
    Style and finesse 'em, boots match your dressing
    You are made for me, there's no doubt, no question
    Damn it feels good to see baby up on it
    It's a special love and I gave you what you wanted like..

    [Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

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