Katie Herzig Summer Lyrics

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I remember the time
You first held your hand in mine
We left our worries behind us
We got lost alright
And there's no way to describe
How a moment changes
Maybe the world would define us
But our hands were tied

Don't let go of me
Don't give up on me

We had our feet in the sand
With an ocean waiting
And I was tied to the land of
Summer fading
Will you lay down with me here
While the waters rise
Or will you follow my fear to
The other side

Don't let go of me
Don't give up on me
Walk Through Walls Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Frequencies
  • 2 Drug
  • 3 Walk Through Walls
  • 4 Summer
  • 5 Say It Out Loud
  • 6 Your Side
  • 7 Lines
  • 8 Thick as Thieves
  • 9 Human Too
  • 10 Water Fear
  • 11 Forgiveness
  • 12 Proud
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