Locust Summer Rain Lyrics

Morning Light Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 All Your Own Way
  • 2 One Way Or Another
  • 3 I Am The Murderer
  • 4 Your Selfish Ways
  • 5 Just Like You
  • 6 No-one In The World
  • 7 Clouds At My Feet (For Morwenna White)
  • 8 Summer Rain
  • 9 Ancient Hometown
  • 10 The Girl With The Fairytale Dream
  • 11 Let Me Take You Back (For Fiona Lambie)
  • 12 Shadow Play
  • 13 On The Horizon
  • Where are the flowers?
    Where are the bees?
    Where is the blossom that grows on the trees?
    Fruits of the summer ain't as ripe as they ought to be
    The grass in the park just ain't as green

    Where are the people in sandals and shorts
    Eating el fresco at Sanchez D'Amour?
    Look at the clouds: they are black as the night
    Sack the weatherman, 'cause he didn't get it right

    In summer it's raining

    Written by: Mark Van Hoen, Zoe Niblett

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