Joey Bada$$ Summer Knights Lyrics

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Just ride with the nigga life
Just fly with the nigga life
Just ride with the nigga life
One,two, show you what this through
Y'all , it's been a minute
Since they seen a style with no gimmicks
Clouds is the limits 'cause we in 'em
I slow squeening more L but we winning
Like it's hard to find women
When I'm in it, it's hard to find limits
Remember those days it was hard to find a living
But now we got an answer it's only the beginning
Been pimpin' fooling down thriving for the inocence
Cake like in the men's flow, sweet like cinnamon
He a child, but they treat him like a bakin' man
'Cause when the pan in his hand, bake 'em up
Like he jigga man
Know you see him in the mirror fan
The more is sayin' you ain't hot but your big is fair
Like nigga Dale, before he got baboola
He bit the nail, with your chick in the can
Rolling into a mistique grave
Got it with the grants, everybody say they dissed the fan
Know the haters still jelly but fuck it
Know it's the jet
It's the fucking jet
Sorry I kept ya all waiting
Took forever
And ever, no better
Nothing more, less and less

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