Calvarium Suicide Manifesto Lyrics

The Skull of Golgotha Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Three Nails and the Hammer of Satan
  • 2 Horns of Hate
  • 3 Jumalviha
  • 4 Death Worship
  • 5 Siunatun surma
  • 6 Morbid Hordes Revenge
  • 7 Herramme on saapuva
  • 8 Dedication in Misanthropy
  • 9 Suicide Manifesto
  • Steaming breath leaving from my lips
    At the circle of malevolence
    No joy to benefit from here

    Time is sharpening my knife
    Reflections of pain and misery
    Had humanity meant a thing to me
    Would I still embrace depression?

    Secrets of the moon
    Nail me to this place
    Filled with nausea
    And whirling memories
    With age would I wield
    knowledge and mysteries
    But the human in me
    Will lead me to decay

    I hear the humming of the trees
    The calling of the withering leaves
    The shivering voice of remembrance
    Cold steel for an age of hate...

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