Wargasm Sudden Death Lyrics

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Vinyl 1
  • 1 Wasteland
  • 2 Revenge
  • 3 Bullets And Blades
  • 4 Undead
  • 5 Merritt's Girlfriend
  • 6 Sudden Death
  • 7 Wargasm
  • 8 Le Cou Cou
  • 9 Humanoid
  • I call my life a war with death now the war is through
    Time on earth is at an end death is overdue
    Cannot buy another hour or bargain for a day
    Life is theirs to give to me and now to take away

    It doesn't matter that I've lived my life like I knew I should
    In the cards before my birth did me no good
    There is no light now up ahead no open arms wait
    To live long and prosper was not my fate

    The line that holds you tight to life is a thin one indeed
    The hand the blade it's cut in two with terminal speed
    A step to turn his eyes move in from out of sight
    No name no face the time is now to shoot out your lights

    Never gave a warning sign just appeared there
    No time to understand body cold with fear
    I'm being dragged down a gaping hole they're clawing at me
    Smoke fills my aching lungs my eyes cannot see

    Now the walls are coming down I'm losing my grip
    Colors fade they run and bleed I'm on a bad trip
    Cannot move cannot make a sound the foul stench of death
    Now inhale the ancient air feel the reaper's breath

    Written by: Barry Wayne Spillberg, Richard Mark Spillberg, Robert Mayo
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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