Keith Murray Sucka Free (Skit) Lyrics

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And all u niggas with those crazy ass names Mc Murda and and and Dj Kill A Lot and and and and Dj Stank Finga and all that shit aye aye aye fuck all of those silly ass rumple stilsken ass shit I’m tired of all u sucka ass niggas with the bally with the bally membership working out and thinking that u know if I get a six pack that’s gonna sell more albums u aint nice u just fuckin around u fuckin up the whole game im tired of u u u cookie colored ass kerchief warein I seen a nigga with a with a kerchief and doin crunches and got a just cause u got ur draws hangin out of ur ass don’t mean u a mothafuckin mc I’m gonna hit u with the new jack shitty shit im im gonna hit u with pookie look at ur fuckin black ass I’m on the run g yes nigga u know this sons a bitches.

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