Harry Connick, Jr. Such Love Lyrics

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Held above your head
Has now become a noose
Hanging there instead

What used to be a love bird
Glorious at least
Has now become a buzzard
Waiting for the feast

Such love
Such love
Too bad I never had such love
Such love
Such love
I’m glad I never had such love

Once infatuation
Meant a brand new start
Now it’s just a crush
Extinguishing your heart

What used to be a fire
You needed to survive
Has now become a fever
Burning you alive

Such love
Such love
There’s such a thing as too much love
Such love
Such love
Funny how hate can bring such love

From my precious point of view
It all seemed so unclear
Why someone would want to do
Something wrong to someone dear

I’ve got quite the advantage now
A fare more lucid view
I can see so easily how
One like me could get to you

What used to be a heated
Passionate embrace
Has now become a claustrophobic
Strangling disgrace

What used to be an arrow
Show with cupid’s crest
Has now become a bullet
Ripping through your chest

Such love
Such love
From now on I’ll never touch love
Such love
Such love
Better off living without love

What used to be lust
Rumbling in your soul
Has become a lesson
In utter self-control

What used to be a promise
Held with every breath
Has now become a sentence
Condemning you to death

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