Darkthrone Stylized Corpse Lyrics

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<b>Stylized Corpse</b> by <i>Darkthrone</i>alk around, like royalty

Just a stylized corpse

Life has reached the end

On the inside

Proud of what you have "achieved"

You'll soon see the truth, I'll show you

Grabbing my tools, I firmly believe

I'm your saviour and icon

Chain you to the wall

Blowtorch literally open your eyes

You feel superior now?

All you can do, is imagine my world

Let the chipmunks feast on your heart

Oh, this luxury life

All the juices of lies

Doesn't smell like a bowl of fruit

But I am strong and brute

Send you back among the dead

No one will see that you're born again

I'm your saviour, and I made your day

Sleeping in a pool of human debris

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