UltraLaser Stuff My Cactuar Lyrics

Pitchin my tent, Cause I be spent,
Fought so long my blood sword bent,
Bomb attacks, Party strikes back,
Gunblade makes me the mack of the pack,
Got my bill, drop my Gil,
Chocobo cost me 15 mil,
Go to town, makin my rounds,
Check A pot for phoenix down,
White mage joined to heal my wounds and Thieves will try to gank yo shit,
Black mage cast some lightning zap yo ass and get a critical hit,
Fighter class, Stompin some ass,
My jizz bombs are made of brass,
Party's set, bitches get wet,
Level up each chance we get,

Got me a BAGF,
RPG not RTS,
NPC don't tell me shit,
9MP with boots equipped.
Sword rat, Porcupine,
Sea snake, water snake,
T-Rex, dinosaur,
Gray imp, that's a Grimp,
Zombull, dead bull,
8 eye, got 8 eyes,
Bloat float, floating bloat,
Hungry, big dick Gree,

On my chocobo, I be
Pimpin all my hoes

My materias far superia, Got 8 slots in my cent clip.
Ultima weapon be keepin bitches in check n' you know that I will fuck yo bitch ass up, gotta
Cock like a rock no glock ragnarok, This shop best have some ether in stock,
Moogle run around the block, bitch won't get shot, Save my game you white cat thang,
Gonna run the doomtrain on these hoes, stuff my cactuar in they nose,
Flash my sword up in they grill and all these bitches be takin off they clothes,
Limit break gonna take 2 more hits, my pimp hand's ready for smackin some tits, theys
Hoes on my airship tonight, givin them my hard edge...alright,

Fuck these bitches, fuck these hoes,
Stuff my cactuar in they nose,

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