Sage Francis feat. Slug Stuck Lyrics

Sickly Business Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Masters are Back (Non-Prophets)
  • 2 The Failure Disc 2 #6 (Bernard Dolan)
  • 3 Love, Love, Love (Non-Prophets)
  • 4 Stuck
  • 5 Garden Gnomes
  • 6 Killing Time (live on 90.3 WRIU)
  • 7 Alternatives to College
  • 8 Souvenier (Non-Prophets)
  • 9 Threewrite (Non-Prophets)
  • 10 Tree of Knowledge
  • 11 1996 Verse (live on 90.3 WRIU)
  • 12 Doomage
  • 13 My Girl Was a Groupie (Joe Beats)
  • 14 Lost Verse of the Mainstream (Non-Prophets)
  • 15 My Head
  • 16 Worlds of After Verse (live on 90.3 WRIU)
  • 17 Jesus in a Bowl of Germs (Jared Paul)
  • 18 Kiddie Litter
  • 19 Killing Muslims (George McKibbens)
  • 20 Sandpaper Gloves (AOI)
  • 21 1995 Medley
  • 22 Underbite Ben (live in Sioux Falls)
  • [Intro: Slug]

    You act smart, while I act dumb
    But I know some that still lay under my thumb
    See, we've got issues
    So we swing our fists full
    Whatever, tryna keep the temper down to the gristle
    They like the small talk, as long as it's about you
    They walk that walk, without knowing how to
    I watch it all, and pretend that I'm above it
    But the truth is, I see her I need it I love it

    [Verse 1: Sage Francis]

    I'm stuck with random stray hairs, from ex-lovers
    Entangled in each other's desire to stay here beyond their welcome
    Sharing the same common problem
    Blonde and brunette tightly knit
    And I don't fit in with split ends
    Didn't have to worry about them taking me from my dividends
    Paid my dues spending time by myself
    She was with her friends, mingling with single men
    Say things like hitting skins to them
    Thinking it's innocent but then giving me guilty grins
    Swimming with filthy fins, knocking boots, kicking my shins
    Shark infested water torture treatment get beat by the timbalands
    Feet is shivering walking on cold rage
    Roses lay on relationships, too impatient to die of old age

    [Verse 2: Slug]

    Yeah, remember when you knew you knew all the answers?
    Well something shook until you thought you had the questions
    For all the time and effort you've invested
    I find it kind of funny that you haven't learned your lesson
    Still guessin'
    The whisper of the leaf, the rustle of the bitch
    When there is no love, nothing makes you rich
    So I give a shrug, and the eye muscle twitches
    In replace of a hug and a lack of superstitions

    [Hook: Sage Francis]

    Stop thinking you don't belong here
    You are where you are cause you hardly move
    The music is not gonna' stop
    Take your eyes of the chair
    Cause there's others that are under the same impression as you
    How many seats will the rock bottom accommodate?
    One too many people who share nothing but views
    Misery is more than willing to keep company
    With those who don't ever walk a mile in their own shoes

    [Verse 3: Sage Francis]

    So now they swap souls
    They got so fuckin' uninspired
    They drive low under the fire of sky Gods
    It got old and now they wanna go higher
    But cops control every single empire with tripods

    [Verse 4: Slug]

    So video did kill the radio star
    Now we're all so cute and drive brand new cars
    We make music so you can lose your minds
    We do the crimes, so you can do the times
    Tell me who can get busy like this man
    Well the truth is, damn near anyone can
    So I'mma buy you some implants and a suntan
    Let's follow the plan and get some fat off the land
    Fuck this little rapper, treat me like a crook
    Maybe if you knew me, you wouldn't sing my hook
    You'd think I was so ugly, you'd be afraid to look
    But maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get a chapter in your book
    Doing fine, thanks for asking
    Standing as the last man
    Popping bubbles and aspirin
    Ready, set, action
    Remove your dress, so we can make a mess
    And hit the world with a little bit of stress

    [Verse 5: Sage Francis]

    Let's head talk these winds until they strengthen for getting footwork
    Making power moves on ceilings with head spin
    It unravels the bloody ground, revealing red sin
    We created hierarchy, now there are no kings in heaven
    Fatty acids added to the asthma medicine
    Breathing heavy at the gates make them have to let us in
    Like implying we've been trying our hardest
    Using everyone elses' honest way of dying as an armrest
    I ain't gonna promise, broken over dislocated kneecaps
    And it's harmless jokes that provoke freak accidents
    Laugh at that lapdancer who strips off confidence
    I live off of hope, and Providence

    [Breakdown: Slug]

    Your communication tactics are all fucked up, don't blame me, I had nothing to do with this

    [Verse 6: Slug]

    You play the same damn records everyday
    No wonder you believe you'll never get away
    You wear the same pair of jeans you woke up in
    Keep the music coming, keep the movements sudden
    I watched you dance every street of this city
    I feel no pity
    You laid the carpet
    You made the target by yourself, little help
    Now loosen up the belt and straighten up the apartment
    Finish that book that you never even started
    Take a look at that face that hates to look back
    Set the oven on bake, take a pan out the rack
    Season up your past, put it in and cook that


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