Pushmonkey Stuck Out Lyrics

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You Bitch about misery
And say you feel trapped by me.
I can’t figure out where you’re coming from.
I met your other face today.
It shot a look that gave you away.
It said you’re not going to wait that long.

Well, I don’t think I took that wrong.
I can tell it won’t be long.

You say you need a holiday.
You say you need to get away.
Yeah, what are you getting away from?
Dressing up to go out like this,
Saying “we will always be friends”.
Do you, really I think look that dumb?

I can tell it won’t be long
Until you strike out on your own.

I can read the writing on the wall.
I can see you orchestrating my fall.
It doesn’t matter that I gave you my all.
You will never be satisfied.
If you got to go it alone,
You’re going to be stuck
Out on your own.

I guess I get your message now.
You got to make changes somehow.
You go to parties and you try to have fun,
But I don’t hear you laughing.
Now you see what happens
To a daddy’s girl when daddy is gone.

Can you tell it won’t be long?
Until you’re stuck out on your own
Out on your own.

When you’re living on your own
Do you think it’s going to change?
When you’re living on your own
You’re going to be stuck
Out on your own.
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