Tim Hicks Stronger Beer Lyrics

Throw Down Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Hell Raisin' Good Time
  • 2 Get By
  • 3 Just Add Water
  • 4 Buzz, Buzz, Buzzing
  • 5 Got a Feeling
  • 6 Long Way Jose
  • 7 Stronger Beer
  • 8 Sure Ain't Tough Tonight
  • 9 Nothing on You and Me
  • 10 Greasy John Deere Cap
  • 11 Can’t Get Enough
  • 12 Cheers to You
  • G A7 D D
    G A7 D D

    D G D A7
    We eat smarties you eat M& M's And you think all out money looks pre- tend

    Bm Bm G G
    Yea we got Brian Adams Hey you got Bruce Spring- steen
    D A7 D (hammer index) A7 (stop)
    But we can drink in bars when were just nine- teen

    D G D A7
    You got Brad Pitt, we got Keanu Reeves But we got the best lake fishin' you best believe

    Bm Bm G G
    Yeah, you make fun of us because we spell colour with a U You

    D A7 D D
    Think you're all that Mr. Red White and Blue We say

    G A D D
    eh you say y'all Yea we both got pro foot- ball. Except

    G A Bm Bm
    We got bigger b____ and a longer field We say

    G A D D/C# Bm
    Zed you say Z Sure we watch all your T V. You got a

    G G Em D/F# G5 A7
    stronger army down there, but man up here We got stronger

    D A7 Em D/F# G5 A7

    D G
    You got Dunkin Donuts we got Timmys
    D A
    We got more land but bro you got more cities
    Bm G
    You sure love the NFL, MLB and the NBA
    A D
    But to the great white north hockey is the only game


    Bm G
    So here"s to you my southern neighbour all kiddin' aside
    Its takes me six beers to get p___ drunk
    A D
    But for you it takes nineeee Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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