Manic Street Preachers Strip It Down Lyrics

New Art Riot EP Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 New Art Riot
  • 2 Strip It Down
  • 3 Last Exit on Yesterday
  • 4 Teenage 20/20
  • Ain't no fun at the government hall,
    Slicked back injustice sits nicely next to smiles,
    Paranoia at the heels of too much greed,
    Obedience an art form while the sad bleed,

    Success and love dictate where skin touches fashion,
    Consumerism beauty for cheap appeal,
    I don't wanna dance for people to watch,
    Smother my life in interest accounts,

    Outside life brings down genocide,
    And consumer self hate leads to designer bullshit,
    Hate is art and we steal cars,
    Decaying flowers in the playground of the rich,

    You can launch sweetly and say nice things,
    But I ain't ever on the way up,
    My only way down is on disease that tries to suffocate
    The pure ideals that turn to hate, Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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