Emilio Rojas Streetsweeper Radio Freestyle Lyrics

All the humor in the rumors
And I’m laughing on my way to the bank
And they claimin’ they lockin’ the game then I weighbor the shank
I keep my cash in the safe cuz it ain’t safe in the bank
She say that she the wifey type well I say she a skank
The sharks wait in the tank to get fed like in aquarium
If mine is smelling blood they swim through prom and they tear you up
If you comparing us to anyone it’s not a legend
I’m not a reverend but I’ll help you find a spot in heaven
And own hares them one that got dementia
They Ronald Reagan on you
Go to war for drugs and then they all forget ya
But it’s a game where nobody know your name
Until somebody that is popping ‘em fuck with you then it change
Dick riders are everywhere, they humpin’ a hype
In the news is who the fuck he broke up with that night
And I don’t care if in-between it you treat each other right
Cuz drama make the problems come to their side
Yea it’s all about hits
Ring-tone rap, it’s all about hits
I ain’t bitter, I’m a hitter
I ain’t calling it quits
Swim for the fences it’s all up to the lips
Or anybody that was popping that shit and that’s it
Fuck it, I ain’t even sore, I’d rather just leave, I’m open
I’d rather be hated than somebody knowing even on
They must be doing it right if the price of feature growing
In my mind I’m making a call when the lawn is needed more
I can’t walk in my own shoes, my feet are gron
And we’ve all the wam with the Giants boys like we Samoan
So fuck stoppin’, Imma keep it goin’
You fuckin with us and I’ll make it snow globe like you’re hindle globin’
I keep on showing people love and get it snub sir
Now I’m only giving it gap in the winter glove
Them stripper bitches sit on my lap and they get it up
With enough cash they could be fixin’ their creditor
It’s a mimic

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