AZ feat. Phil Gektor Street Life Lyrics

A.W.O.L 2.0 Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 So Sincere
  • 2 Never Change
  • 3 New York
  • 4 Can't Stop
  • 5 Still Alive
  • 6 AZs Chillin'
  • 7 City of Gods
  • 8 Street Life
  • 9 Bed Time Story
  • 10 The Come Up
  • 11 Envious
  • 12 A.W.O.L
  • [AZ intro]
    Yea Devine Intervention
    Miliato, Begetz, AZ
    Quiet Money Presents.

    Now the twin towers done blew up
    niggaz seen the footage and threw up
    I got platinum bullets for y'all to chew up
    Mil-latin the dog done grew up
    is it still Manhatten I speak street slang arab-a-latin
    my gunz speak rat-a-ta-in
    understand my lingo
    I'm from Albany Afganistan
    fuck Chris Cringo and Christopher Columbus
    I'll shoot scud missles through his kango and spray z gas
    on ya faggot ass
    Allah you akba, make 767's crash
    smack Jesus Christ and smoke a half a pound of hash
    I keep a half a pound of cash
    I thought I told you cats
    I'm not a rapper
    rock a G on my chest that stands for god
    fuck Dan I'm dapper
    prada from head to toe
    dollars, cherries in the moe
    you fake ass pimps, get my chips
    so I'm burying you and your hoes
    I plant plutonium bombs after each and every show
    so every artist you sign is guaranteed to blow
    I'm guaranteed to flow
    puffin that magic weed
    knowledge itself nigga that's what you need
    so fuck you and those crabs that you feed, tell 'em holla at me

    New York New York with blood in your ice
    put numbers on your head killa name your price
    we gets love where ever we go
    cause the street life is all we know
    It's all we know

    I work for a quarter million in dope
    a million dollars in cash
    1.5 under the bathroom stash
    put that little ass gun away nigga
    step up your murder game
    still fuckin wit weed
    step up to heroine
    cardiay diamond links no more gold chains
    vertical doors, candy paint, and woodgrain
    I'm the one to watch niggaz don't cover your eyes
    so many eyes on my watch got 'em hypnotized
    fuckin with hustlers ballin like rap niggaz,
    throwin money in the air screemin I ain't gotta rap niggaz
    the 9 m & m ain't sweet like candy
    got mines on me front row with a grammy
    slugs on the left and lust on the right
    fuck an award boo we'll take you home tonight
    milli gates in the spyder with the glass roof
    damn near crashed in valet off that over proofed shit, we drunk

    [Chorus x2]

    I got one son, two guns, a couple of cribs
    just tryin to live
    fuck gettin stuck with a bid
    niggaz I fuck with now
    used to fuck with his kids
    slim dude food never stuck to my ribs
    been tried on occasions
    I lie with persuasion
    hustled out of town nearly died in a Days Inn
    breezed on a turnpike
    received then returned kites
    cold D to O.G homie nigga earn strikes
    burnt mics
    left 'em there to sizzle for shizzle
    you know the dizzle my nizzle
    I'm so visual
    all jewels tiz you paid dues true to the grizzle
    blew a few mil and still official
    BIG we still miss you
    the games real fical
    It's two thou and a nickel
    nigga trying to go triple
    until I'm there wit you
    a wheel chair cripple
    It's no secret I'm a keep it popin like a pistol

    [Chorus x2]

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