Ransom Street Diciple (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Enough of all these shenanigans
Phony niggas and manicans
Panicking ’cause I’m banishing him
As I have in vanishing
We ain’t never been friends
You soft as Jeniffer Aniston
Cross my sinners to plan against
Scorching head up your man again
Professor that street corner
It’s hard to put the beef then rest when niggas asleep on you
So I creep on you
Real slow the automatics
So when my cock in don’t squeeze it
Don’t think that I’m pornographic
I’m thinking it’s sorta tragic
Living life in obscurity
But I ain’t gotta hide behind security , so fuck it
Live it how you live it
Champagne in a bucket chain configure around a midget
I pivot around fake friends , haters and critics
Remain hand cuffed judges trying to give me digits
I lived it, but still I’m on the project roof
Labels refuse again my project lou
Now I’m in combat boots ready for all like I’m a comeback troop
West Broke you get the point I shoot
Street disciple , black

You was born in the 80′s pops drove a mercedes
Did it big coming home to some grown ass kids

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