Sage Francis Strange Famous Radio Rhyme Lyrics

Still Sick... Urine Trouble Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Time of My Life
  • 2 Majority Rule
  • 3 Backpacker
  • 4 Slug & Sage Freestyle, Part I
  • 5 Eye of the Tiger
  • 6 Strange Famous Radio Rhyme
  • 7 All Word No Play
  • 8 Life Is What Distracts You From Death
  • 9 Freestyle
  • 10 Whore Monger Sing-Along
  • 11 Sage & Sixtoo
  • 12 Mullet
  • 13 Come Come Now
  • 14 Her Schlag
  • 15 Apathy & Sage Freestyle, Part I
  • 16 KFC
  • 17 Slug & Sage Freestyle, Part II
  • 18 Live Recording of EDAN With AOI at the Met Cafe
  • 19 Strange Famous Spoken Word
  • 20 The Short-Necked Giraffe
  • 21 Andy Kaufman
  • Maybe you're never really living till you've understood what death is
    So i touched the human spirit with lyrics some say are breathless
    It's that breathlessness that inspired my tired hand
    To write these endless epilogues that some call pretentious
    Living verse existence surviving, verse thriving in an environment
    Vitamin supplements and a government's removal of pensions retirement
    Empty out your life savings cause your wife's handing that knife collection
    Could have used some type of protection but you sliced through her midsection
    Even though the sex was great you want belly thin
    Didn't want to ruin the love canal and that's why you went too serried
    And everyone's got your own opinion, ask your librarian about the alien
    Legal aliens, vegan terrorist and all of the vegetarian activists
    Male malchy and alchemists grab a fistful of calculus pals
    Who dissed over the lack of apple cum math-or-piss
    Build but calluses on the phalluses of alice and wonderland-scapers
    Put on your happy face, here comes the hand shakers with sand paper gloves
    They wanna jerk you off with, to further off quick
    Cause i prefer the soft lips of a whore's kiss
    I lick my wounds and force my tongue into the opening
    Communicating with infections that took residence when i broke my skin
    I've learned their language now my infectious speech gets sickening
    But my poetry has become a scab lies just can't help picking
    Tickling too many worldly fancies whimpering on my hands and knees
    Crawling fast through laundry mats pilfering girlie's panties
    Ya heard me? man please
    I ain't take nothing without paying except for school books and blank tapes
    Throw in a can-a-pee from a canopy can a pee brain hit me in plain day
    Are we game though we came with weak aim
    Strange famous strange famous strange famous strange

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