G-Unit Straight Outta Southside Lyrics

I don't know what the **** I been doin?
But this what they want
I?d like to give a R.I.P. in advance
For all my enemies, die quick *****s

Straight outta Southside
Crazy mutha****a named Bank-o
Crack rap, million dollar bankroll
Black Lac for my outta state hoe

These *****s talk gangsta but really ain't tho?, no
I?mma stormy night, you a rainbow
I?mma G, tight clothes ain't my thang bro
**** the police with an HIV carrier

No Vaseline in the M-16
I'm ridin? dirty but the Bent pimp clean
And gotta body like I feed it creatine
My birth stone?s a diamond, my favorite color's green
I smoke lean and piss Louis the XIII

Yeah, why?all mutha****a shot my momma crib up
My sister, my niece in there
I'm getting? why?all *****s hit for 500 dollars
I?ma be in London mutha****a

My name is Yayo a crazy ***** don't play tho?
I hit?cha planters peanut wit' the .80
Al Qaeda, expert merkin?
When all my *****s die they gon? have 80 virgins

I'm the 'Burb swervin? ?cause I'm drunk and I'm high
Wit that glock and pump that mac and .45
**** the police they killed Sean Bell
**** the feds I still deal fishscale

Mini me, *****s wanna copy my style
But ***** lame lawyers ain't good for trial
Pull up to the projects and throw the kids 100's
Drop top Phantom got him sick in his stomach

These *****s is weak, son
Lookin? like Cookies ?n? Cream to me
Bad day, I?ma fly a man in a heartbeat
These *****s know any ***** can get it

***** this is Boo-Boo but you can call me 50
**** with me, the police?ll have to get me
760 I, I ride I'm a rider, Molotov I?ll toss that, you're on fire
Beef pop, I?ll stop talkin? ?n? get quiet
And make a muzzle on the Tech look like it?s on fire

My **** jammed and unjammed like I planned it
Like I was just takin? a breather, I'm back blamin?
I'm Charles Bronson, Dirty Harry wit? the cannon
You shootin? back but you ain't hittin? ****, I'm still standing
When **** don't go down smooth I don't panic
Switch pistol, switch hands, switch targets hit ya man

Yea, ***** I'm straight outta Southside
I'm back on dat gorilla ****, dat cold hearted killa ****
***** stunt wit?cha mouth wide we move around militant
We trained for some iller ****, mutha****a Southside

Written by: Rondell Turner, Curtis Jackson, Christopher Lloyd, Marvin Bernard
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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