Abhorrence Storming Warfare Lyrics

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Armies of hatred stand
Faithfully to serve the sword
Hunger dogs of war
Full of anger, desire and l***
Desecrations upon the b******s of church
Blasting a massive genocide
Everlasting disgrace upon the temples of
Unholiness Arise
Surpine the throne of god
Raise the flasg of wrath
Ascension of hellish domain
Haunting and killing all man
Drowned of the seas of pain
Pestilence crossing the plane
Feasting the beast celebrate
The arrival of storming warfare
Mayhemic storms soar onto heaven
Desolation through hallowed ground comes
Raging infectious abhorrent intense

Warriors of hostile hordes
No bondaries to kill, we rise
Embraced by fire, covered with hate
We bring the deathless one revenge
Evoking the Abomination Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Abattoir
  • 2 Evoking the Abomination
  • 3 Sacrificial Offerings
  • 4 Hellish Annihilation
  • 5 Storming Warfare
  • 6 Abhorrer Existence
  • 7 Reborn to Vengenace
  • 8 Triumph in Blasphemy
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