Papa Roach Stop Looking Start Seeing Lyrics

Getting Away With Murder Track Listing
Enhanced CD 1
  • 1 Blood (Empty Promises)
  • 2 Not Listening
  • 3 Stop Looking Start Seeing
  • 4 Take Me
  • 5 Getting Away With Murder
  • 6 Be Free
  • 7 Done With You
  • 8 Scars
  • 9 Sometimes
  • 10 Blanket of Fear
  • 11 Tyranny of Normality
  • 12 Do or Die
  • 13 Harder Than a Coffin Nail
  • 14 Caught Dead
  • 15 The Making of Getting Away With Murder
  • Hit or miss, **** or fight,
    It's time to live your life,
    Go ahead, I know I'm right,
    I'm gonna lay it on the line,
    Put yourself in my shoes,
    Line em up, knock em down,
    I'm not running scared tonight,
    I have climed these walls before,
    And I'm not scared anymore,
    There's a time to lead,
    And a time to follow,
    Because I won't take this anymore (these walls)
    I've found these walls before (these walls)
    There's a time to lead and to follow (these walls),

    I see the walls closing in,
    I feel like I'm in danger,
    My enymy is not alone,
    In a mirror there's a stranger,
    As I tried to break out,
    My panic led to fear,
    Hopeless, I'm alone,
    I'm afraid the end is near,
    The truth dosen't always have to hurt


    Stop Looking,
    Start Seeing Now,
    Right Now

    The truth dosen't always have to hurt,


    Written by: David Buckner, Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance

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