Cypress Hill Stoned Raiders Lyrics

III: Temples of Boom Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Spark Another Owl
  • 2 Throw Your Set in the Air
  • 3 Stoned Raiders
  • 4 Illusions
  • 5 Killa Hill Niggas
  • 6 Boom Biddy Bye Bye
  • 7 No Rest for the Wicked
  • 8 Make a Move
  • 9 Killafornia
  • 10 Funk Freakers
  • 11 Locotes
  • 12 Red Light Visions
  • 13 Strictly Hip Hop
  • 14 Let It Rain
  • 15 Everybody Must Get Stoned
    CD 2
  • 1 DJ Muggs Buddha Mix: Hole in the Head / How I Could Just Kill a Man / Insane in the Brain / Stoned Is the Way of the Walk / Hits From Da Bong / Hand on the Pump / Real Estate / I Wanna Get High
  • [B-Real]
    1 for trouble, 8 for the road,
    7 to get ready when I'm lettin' off all my load,
    Funk, Buddha monk, in the trunk,
    I got'cha, thumpin' so hard,
    Up and down the blvd.,
    I'm a natural-born cap-peela', strapped illa,
    I'm the west coast settin' it on, no one's reala',
    Get'cha fix of the uncut funk,
    A small dose of the skunk weed, like it's suppose to be,
    Move it up, just move it on out,
    What ya talkin'bout son,
    I got the first shot, and it's all over now,
    One nation under a groove,
    Smoke a pound for the strict of it,
    Every time I make a move,
    Smooth and together,
    Raw like leather,
    Ain't goin' out like a punk, never

    Check it out, 1,2, Cypress groove
    Check it out, 1,2, Cypress groove

    It's the number one money maker,
    Money take a, few steps back I'm on a plane to Jamaica,(Am I)
    Puffin' a fat wada, talk ****,
    For the fool I'm thinkin' about, I got the ruff ****,
    Hard rock bone breaker,
    Stoned Raider, in the Temple of Boom,
    Assert to assume,
    Never be lettin' **** slide, no way,
    ***** *****s can hide,
    But, I'll find they *** some day,

    Check it out, 1,2, Cypress groove

    Wherever you are, put ya **********in' spliff in the air,
    Some dogs, like you gotta pair,
    When I kick to the metro,
    Lone clip, be lookin' around,
    Cause this **** ain't over with yet,
    People can't understand my situation,
    Now they caught up in the Soul ***assination,
    Fool, just take cover, it's all over,
    When I break ya off a chunk of this ************

    Check it out, 1,2, Cypress groove
    Check it out, 1,2, Cypress groove
    Check it out, 1,2, Cypress groove

    Written by: Larry Muggerud, Louis M. Freeze, Senen Reyes
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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