16volt Stitched Lyrics

Skin Track Listing
  • 1 Skin
  • 2 Perfectly Fake
  • 3 Uplift
  • 4 Slow Wreck
  • 5 Skin Graft
  • 6 Stitched
  • 7 Built to Last
  • 8 Bottle Rockets
  • 9 Downtime II
  • 10 Flick / Dead Skin
  • Parasite comes on again
    Given out with nothing left
    Forgiven hurt blood in the veins
    Broken wing the one who waits

    Like an open wound
    I'm in need
    Like forever sewn
    I just can't bleed

    Get with you
    I need more suffering
    Splint for two
    Born to choke up everything
    Shed this hell
    I would give you anything
    Sworn to tell
    I am now the host of hate

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