Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart Stinkfoot Lyrics

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Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Napoleon Murphy Brock (saxophone, vocals)
George Duke (keyboards, vocals)
Ruth Underwood (percussion)
Tom Fowler (bass)
Chester Thompson (drums)

In the dark
Where all the fevers grow
Under the water
Where the shark bubbles blow
In the mornin'
By yer radio
Do the walls close in t'suffocate ya
You ain't got no friends . . .
An' all the others: they hate ya
Does the life you been leadin' gotta go?
Well, let me straighten you out
About a little Russian restaurant I know . . .
(Get yer shoes 'n socks on people, it's right aroun' the corner!)

Out through the night
An' the whisperin' breezes
To the place where they keep
The Imaginary Diseases

Out through the night
An' the whisperin' breezes
To the place where they keep
The Imaginary Diseases . . .

Now scientists call this disease Bromidrosis
(That's right!)
And well they should
Even Napoleon knows that
But us regular folks
Who might wear a tennis shoe
Or an occasional python boot
Know this exquisite little inconvenience by the name of:

Y'know, my python boot is too tight
I couldn't get it off last night
A week went by, an' now it's July
I finally got it off
An' my girl-friend cry
"You got STINK FOOT! STINK FOOT, darlin'
Your STINK FOOT puts a hurt on my nose!
STINK FOOT! STINK FOOT! I ain't lyin',
Can you rinse it off, d'you suppose?"

Here Fido . . . Fido . . .
Here Fido . . . bring the slippers little puppy
Yes, that's a good dog! Yes!
"Arf, arf, arf!"
Sick . . .

And now, ladies and gentlemen,
We have a song for you about flying saucers
This song is going to be sung for you by George
And the name of the song is Inca Roads

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